Wednesday, August 17, 2011

working out the kinks

I think there is probably some blog universe law about how having only text, and no photos, is detrimental to the interest in the blog. I always had problems blogging my photoshoots as well, and I think I'm starting to see why. my brain processes words and photos in different ways. mostly, I think that a good, worthwhile photo should be able to stand alone, as should good, worthwhile words. or maybe I'm just lazy and don't like spending the time to unite the two. that said, I've always like the idea of photoblogging, and I'm hoping to make it a regular part of this venture. apologies, to those of you for whom this is a cross-post or reblog of sorts. what appears below the line is what I hope will appear in the future when I post photos.


throw off the sheets (good morning)

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