Wednesday, June 8, 2011

going swimmingly... sort of

trying to prepare for a trip out of the country when you've never been (out of the country, much less to a tropical island) is like... walking into a dark room with no clue where the lightswitch might be or if there's even a bulb in the fixture. at least, that's how it feels at this point. i have no clue what i'm doing and i can only try to prepare, and ask a LOT of questions of people who have been there before (in particular, my employers).

first things first, i took care of one of the harder tasks: buying all the swimsuits i can possibly afford. i hate, HATE swimsuit shopping. i would much prefer to swim in a full-length wetsuit (yes, long sleeves and long legs) than try to find a suit that's flattering to my body in even the smallest way. i got forced into it last weekend, though, as i was heading to the beach to spend a weekend with family. when i pulled out my suits from previous summers, almost EVERY SINGLE ONE had something wrong with it. in one, the elastic was shot. in another, the material was wearing thin. the one suit i knew fit and looked alright was nowhere to be found, and several of the others have seen the end of their days. cue the torture test of swimsuit shopping.

somehow, though, i lucked out this year. amidst all the teeny tiny triangles, i found not one but two awesome suits. there seems to be a vintage cut revival going on right now, which definitely works with my curves. i spent $60-something on the them, and when i returned home after the beach trip (a little more red for the experience), i found my teal suit. so, three fitting and flattering suits. fun. i've never spent so long with access to various water options (beach, pool, hot tub), but everything i've read says to at least pack two suits (one to wear, while the other is drying or in the wash). i figure i'm safe with three. i swear i'm going to wear one on the plane in case my luggage gets lost...

as for the rest of my wardrobe while on-island, i'm slowly putting it together. i've been told there are very few places to buy clothing there (my mind says there MUST be unless the locals run about naked... which, french beaches, distinct possibility), so i can't count on easily purchasing replacements if something were to happen. i'm trying to stick with either natural, breathable fabrics or quick-drying synthetics. i'm torn on whether to take some of my favorite items (to ward off homesickness) or to keep thrifting for similar items in case they get lost or damaged or just worn out from seven solid weeks of wear. i also want to pack workout gear, in hopes that i'll be motivated to make at least a few trips to the fitness center on site, but i'll likely make sure that those items can also double as pajamas if need be. that way, i'm not overpacking.

as for the other creature comforts i usually shlep along, well, i'm still up in the air. i need to find out some information about power supplies and if i'll need converters. i get the feeling any unnecessary products, like my hair dryer or straightener, will be staying at home. i'll need power for my entertainment items, though, especially my netbook (music, movies, and the almighty internet). i get the feeling that skype and i are about to become best friends.

i'm probably over-thinking it all. i have a tendency to prepare for the worst, especially when packing a suitcase. here's hoping that, with this much time to plan, i'll be wise. then again, i only have five weeks left...

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  1. I love your blogs they are soo much better than mine:)